Paper: Some generating functions for q-polynomials

MDPI (SWITZERLAND) | ISSN: 2073-8994 | JCR® 2018 Impact Factor: 2.143 - MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES — position: 30/69 (Q2/T2)  

Some generating functions for q-polynomials

Cohl, H. S., Costas-Santos, R. S., and Wakhare, T. V. Symmetry-Basel 10, no. 12 (2018), 758, 300—311


Demonstrating the striking symmetry between calculus and \(q\)-calculus, we obtain \(q\)-analogues of the Bateman, Pasternack, Sylvester, and Cesàro polynomials. Using these, we also obtain \(q\)-analogues for some of their generating functions. Our \(q\)-generating functions are given in terms of the basic hypergeometric series \({}_4\phi_5\), \({}_5\phi_5\) \({}_4\phi_3\), \({}_3\phi_2\), \({}_2\phi_1\) and \(q\)-Pochhammer symbols. Starting with our \(q\)-generating functions, we are also able to find some new classical generating functions for the Pasternack and Bateman polynomials


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