Paper: Orthogonality of q-polynomials for non-standard parameters

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Orthogonality of q-polynomials for non-standard parameters

Costas-Santos, R. S. and Sanchez-Lara, J. F. Journal of Approximation Theory 163, no. 9(2011), 1246 —1268


q-Classical orthogonal polynomials of the q-Hahn tableau are characterized from their orthogonality condition and by a first and a second structure relation. Unfortunately, for the q-semiclassical orthogonal polynomials (a generalization of the classical ones) we find only in the literature the first structure relation.

In this paper, a second structure relation is deduced. In particular, by means of a general finite-type relation between a q-semiclassical polynomial sequence and the sequence of its q-differences such a structure relation is obtained.


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